ECCC this weekend!

ECCC this weekend!

Mar 28

I'm at Emerald City Comicon this weekend, so if you're one of the seventy billion people coming to the show, swing by and say hi! To find me, cross the sky bridge and hang a right, then find the escalator on the far wall and descend to the weird extra-space offshoot floor. I'm right next to legendary comics writer Peter David, and just a few tables down from John Scalzi, so let me assure you that the party over there will be HOPPIN'.

(Alternately, once you get your badges you can just enter the convention center across the street on the North side of Pike, take the escalator up three floors and BOOM.


Oh, and in on other news: kickstarter kickstarter kickstarter.

The Chooseomatic Kickstarter is LIVE!

The Chooseomatic Kickstarter is LIVE!

Mar 13

What’s better than Chooseomatic Books? FREE Chooseomatic Books! Our Kickstarter will fund an 80-page Chooseomatic that will be given away in game shops as part of Free RPG Day on June 21st. It will contain roughly a third of our upcoming third book, Time Travel Dinosaur.

Free RPG Day is an annual event designed to promote gaming and get new players into their local game shops. Depending on the level of funding, we’ll print between 700 and 7,000 copies, which will be distributed to participating game shops and handed out completely free of charge as part of this year’s event.

It's your first chance to order Time Travel Dinosaur, and Conspiracy Friends Book One, Clandestine Maneuvers in the Dark. And all the profits go to printing free books!

Time Travel Dinosaur has a cover! And a release date! And a KICKSTARTER!

Time Travel Dinosaur has a cover! And a release date! And a KICKSTARTER!

Mar 10

It's official! The third Chooseomatic Book, Time Travel Dinosaur, will be released on July 1st! To feast your eyes on the cover, click here!

Peel yourself off the space-time continuum and prevent a time-traveling lunatic from destroying the one TRUE timeline (you know, the one where people evolved from DINOSAURS). Visit prehistoric times, medieval Europe, the steampunk 1800s, and a moon base in 2271 (and potentially be stranded in any of them, if your decisions are particularly awful). Reach one of 76 possible endings, or get stuck in a time loop and literally read this book FOREVER.

TTD-MM coverHOW CAN I ORDER THIS MAGNIFICENT BOOK, you ask? Ideally, through Kickstarter! We're launching the project this week, and the goal is to take an 80-page section of the book (titled Time Travel Dinosaur: Mesozoic Mayhem), and print it as a giveaway for Free RPG Day 2014.

Depending on the level of funding, we’ll print between 700 and 7,000 copies, which will be distributed to 700 participating game shops and handed out completely free of charge as part of this year’s event. We’re a small publisher, and although our books have been available through game shops since 2010, most people don’t even know we’re here. For us, this promotion means getting on the radar of hundreds of new sales outlets, and getting books into the hands of potentially THOUSANDS of new readers.

CF book 1coverThe Kickstarter is also your first chance to order Conspiracy Friends Volume One: Clandestine Maneuvers in the Dark. It collects the first six chapters of my secret webcomic, and has bonus material as well.

Woo, Time Travel Dinosaur! Woo, Conspiracy Friends! Woo, Kickstarter! Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook to be alerted when we launch!


Gottacon this weekend in Victoria, BC

Gottacon this weekend in Victoria, BC

Feb 27

I'll be at Gottacon in beautiful Victoria from Friday through Sunday, hawking print books and telling everybody about the new Zombocalypse Now app from Tin Man Games. Also, we have free buttons ! Come say hi! I'm tabling with my buddy Scott Gable from Broken Eye Books, but just look for my Chooseomatic banners -- my convention display pretty much DWARFS his.

How much do you love me IS IT AT LEAST THREE DOLLARS?

How much do you love me IS IT AT LEAST THREE DOLLARS?

Feb 19

The ZOMBOCALYSE NOW app is up in the Apple store! That's all the platforms it's going to arrive on (it appeared on Google Play and the Amazon App Store last week), So it's time to pop those champagne corks, my friends!

For the uninitiated, Zombocalypse Now is an epic, novel-length choose-your-own-adventure in which you play as a stuffed bunny in the zombie apocalypse. Find 112 possible endings (at least SEVEN in which you don't die).

The lovely folks over at Tin Man Games have done an amazing job here -- the upgraded app version includes music, achievements, and thirteen brand new illustrations by me! The bunny's little ears even SWAY BACK AND FORTH on the title screen, people. zn screenshotThey were amazing to work with, and the finished app blew away all my wildest expectations (it's been something of a lifelong dream of mine to work on a video game, so the little part that I got to play in development was exciting enough already). Even the stuff I expected to get super nitpicky with — like the graphic design elements they pulled from my original book design — were gorgeous from the first implementation. Seriously, it's currently my favorite way to read this book.

Plus, it's only three bucks in the apple, google play or amazon app store.


Happy Conspiratine’s Day!

Happy Conspiratine’s Day!

Feb 14

One year ago today I launched my secret webcomic Conspiracy Friends (yep, on Valentine's Day, because nothing says "I love you" to your wife like having a random idea for a comic and spending all day drawing one, registering a domain name, throwing together a wordpress site, and posting it). The conspiracy angle originally came from the idea that I would keep the comic secret (hence until I had at least 30 strips, and proved to myself that I could work a daily comic into my regular routine. I'm incredibly proud to report that I haven't missed a single update all year. That's 261 comics! 208 three-panel gags, 5 guest strips from amazing comix pals, 41 double-sized strips because I couldn't fit the joke into three panels, and 7 "Previously on Conspiracy Friends" recaps (which are my favorite, b-t-dubs).

It's honestly been a labor of love, and even though I've done the most half-assed job EVER of promoting it, the feedback has been tremendous. I can't even tell you how much that means to me (seriously, every time you share Conspiracy Friends, my heart grows three sizes like the freakin' Grinch). I will tell you this, though: it DOES NOT feel like a year. I've been having a blast doing these, so look forward to your Valentine's Day present from me next year: 52 more weeks of love (assuming love = comic strips about paranoia and government spying?)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, enjoying and sharing my comic (if you have indeed done any of those things). I'm starting to get crazy choked up, so before I go create a downloadable coupon for free hug or something I'm going to sign off. Go read today's comic! (It's just a regular part of the story, not a special anniversary strip of anything, but don't you worry, shit is about to GET REAL).


(Pictured above, by the way, is an amazing pop-up CF anniversary Valentine's Day card Dawn Marie made for me, because she is one billion more times more thoughtful than me and I CLEARLY DON'T DESERVE HER)

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