Free RPG Day Sat June 21

Free RPG Day Sat June 21

Jun 17

Saturday is Free RPG Day, and the culmination of the Chooseomatic Books Kickstarter that we ran in March! Click here to find your local participating game shop - they should have three copies of "Time Travel Dinosaur: Mesozoic Mayhem" to give away! There are 2,100 copies in roughly 700 game shops across the globe, so go get yours! It's a 90-page sample of the upcoming third Chooseomatic, and it's AWESOME.

And if you're anywhere near Seattle, come hang out with me at one of the following events (I'm bringing along extra books, so there will be plenty):

in the U District
11am - 1pm

in Ballard
2pm - 5pm

in Renton
6 pm until I pass out
(They're open until 3am, WHO KNOWS WHAT COULD HAPPEN)

in Tacoma
I won't be making an actual appearance, but I'm sending a whole mess of signed copies, so go grab one!

Spokane Comicon Saturday

Spokane Comicon Saturday

May 29

Just a quick note to say that I'll be at Spokane Comicon on Saturday at Spokane Community College! I expect to see all you Spokanians there, NO EXCEPTIONS. I'll have the new Conspiracy Friends book for sale, so come get a copy. Also, I think my Mom is from Spokane? I TOTALLY HAVE SPOKANE ROOTS YOU GUYS, THIS IS GOING TO BE SO RAD

(Pictured here is the exclusive "Sprocket the Comic-Cat" book done for the convention by my friend Matt Brazee, who did a Conspiracy Friends guest strip last year. So you should totally get a copy of that too!)

VanCAF ahoy!

VanCAF ahoy!

May 22

This weekend is Vancouver Comic Arts Festival, which I will be attending along with roughly one million amazing comics people. It's free, so if you're a Vancouverite, come say hi!

I'm PRETTY FREAKING EXCITED to announce that we'll be debuting Conspiracy Friends Volume One at the show! I just got copies in this week, and they look great. I'm currently working on a method to sell signed copies directly from the site, but if you CAN'T POSSIBLY WAIT THAT LONG, and you're somewhere in the United States, you can get them from Amazon right now.

So, to recap, Yay, Vancouver! And Conspiracy Friends Volume One: not officially on sale yet, but actually kind of on sale.


Fan Expo Vancouver

Fan Expo Vancouver

Apr 18

This weekend is Fan Expo Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre (which is extra classy and Canadian because the r is before the e)! I'll be holed up with other authors, selling books and giving away buttons and partying like a rock star. I'm kind of excited to meet The Last Unicorn author Peter Beagle, not to mention Draco Malfoy and Judge Dredd and that Arrow guy from "Arrow" and Pippin and Q and Bruce Campbell and SO MANY CELEBRITIES OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.

Alas, this weekend is also Norwescon here in sunny Seattle, which means I had to choose between the two. It's the first time I've missed Norwescon in like 4 years, so HAVE AN EXTRA DRINK FOR ME, NORWESCON HOMIES.

ECCC this weekend!

ECCC this weekend!

Mar 28

I'm at Emerald City Comicon this weekend, so if you're one of the seventy billion people coming to the show, swing by and say hi! To find me, cross the sky bridge and hang a right, then find the escalator on the far wall and descend to the weird extra-space offshoot floor. I'm right next to legendary comics writer Peter David, and just a few tables down from John Scalzi, so let me assure you that the party over there will be HOPPIN'.

(Alternately, once you get your badges you can just enter the convention center across the street on the North side of Pike, take the escalator up three floors and BOOM.


Oh, and in on other news: kickstarter kickstarter kickstarter.

The Chooseomatic Kickstarter is LIVE!

The Chooseomatic Kickstarter is LIVE!

Mar 13

What’s better than Chooseomatic Books? FREE Chooseomatic Books! Our Kickstarter will fund an 80-page Chooseomatic that will be given away in game shops as part of Free RPG Day on June 21st. It will contain roughly a third of our upcoming third book, Time Travel Dinosaur.

Free RPG Day is an annual event designed to promote gaming and get new players into their local game shops. Depending on the level of funding, we’ll print between 700 and 7,000 copies, which will be distributed to participating game shops and handed out completely free of charge as part of this year’s event.

It's your first chance to order Time Travel Dinosaur, and Conspiracy Friends Book One, Clandestine Maneuvers in the Dark. And all the profits go to printing free books!

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