The Conspiracy Friends Book 2 Kickstarter is live!

The Conspiracy Friends Book 2 Kickstarter is live!

Nov 18

Just so the above video makes any kind of sense, I should explain that in addition to my Chooseomatic gig, I also write and draw Conspiracy Friends, a daily webcomic.

Conspiracy Friends Book Two: The Weird Turn Pro is ready to be printed, and we've launched a Kickstarter to make it happen! You can get your copy of the book, plus Book One if you don't have it already, as well as a custom print of your favorite CF comic and additional swag. And if we meet the first stretch goal, we're even doing a sweet limited edition hardcover. TELL THE WORLD

Nov 18

I did this interview with Ronnie at SciFiMonkeys at Jet City Comic Show! Watch four minutes of me being uncomfortably aware of the camera, gesturing at invisible books, and trying to generally figure out what to do with my hands!

It seems like I see Ronnie and Carmen and the rest of the SciFiMonkeys monkeys at pretty much every convention I go to (which is roughly one million conventions), so I'm pretty excited to finally be featured on the site. They are great folks! They make a great website! Go read it right now!

Jet City Comic Show this Saturday

Jet City Comic Show this Saturday

Nov 05

Okay, I've kinda been falling down on the convention coverage social media job. Bit to all the amazing humans I met at Pac Con Spokane and Bellingham Comicon over the past few weeks, YOU ARE THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU even if I didn't actually get around to posting anything here about either con.

I will remedy this situation starting RIGHT NOW: Saturday November 8 is Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma, and I will TOTALLY BE THERE along with such comics luminaries as Peter Bagge, Clayton Crain and Megan Kelso. It's something of a homecoming for me, since I totally lived in Tacoma for like eighteen years or something and used to run the weekly newspaper down there. So come see me at the convention center Saturday! We will party SO HARD YOU GUYS

Time Travel Dinosaur giveaway at goodreads

Time Travel Dinosaur giveaway at goodreads

Oct 10

A lot of folks seem to have caught on to the fact that my pay-what-you-want gumroad store means that you can choose to pay any amount of money for Chooseomatic ebooks, including zero dollars. What? Free ebooks? That's CRAZY, you say! Well, I agree, but people are doin' it.

But what about the people who only read print books, but ALSO don't want to pay anything? We've got them covered as well! We're giving away three free paperback copies of Time Travel Dinosaur over at goodreads. So if you live in the U.S. or Canada, go enter! SOMEONE is going to get a rad book mailed to them, so it might as well be you!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Time Travel Dinosaur by Matt Youngmark

Time Travel Dinosaur

by Matt Youngmark

Giveaway ends October 30, 2014.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Time Travel Dinosaur is HERE

Time Travel Dinosaur is HERE

Oct 06

We're pleased as all hell to announce the long-awaited release of the third Chooseomatic Book, TIME TRAVEL DINOSAUR.

You can order a signed paperback directly from me, or pay what you want for the digital version. That's right, NAME YOUR PRICE and download the TTD ebook as an epub, mobi (for kindle) and pdf. BOOM. Don't say I never did anything for you.

(If you roll with amazon, you can also get it from amazon.)


You work for the Time Travel Investigation Agency, a job which, to be honest, is mind-meltingly dull. That is, until a raving lunatic in a lab coat breaks the laws of physics and drastically alters the space-time continuum (changing your memory right along with it). Set off on a wild adventure through the Mesozoic Era, the Middle Ages, the steampunk 1880s, and the distant future in an attempt to safeguard the true timeline.

The timeline where people evolved from dinosaurs.

Time Travel Dinosaur is a sci-fi/comedy ­reimagining of the choose-your-own-path stories you grew up with. Find one of 76 possible endings, or get stuck in a time loop and literally read this book forever.


It took more than two years to write, and I think it's the best thing I've ever done. Yeeheehee!

Pay what you want for our digital editions!

Pay what you want for our digital editions!

Sep 20

I'm getting ready to formally launch two new online stores for Chooseomatic Books, but since I've been telling people all day at Rose City Comic Con that my my ebooks are pay-what-you-want, I figured I'd better get a link up PRONTO.

CHOOSEOMATIC EBOOKS! You can now name your price for any ebook we sell -- whatever you think is a fair price is what you pay. For the Chooseomatics (or for Tiny Quest) you'll get three files: pdf, mobi (for kindle), and epub (for nook, kobo or really any other ereader). The Conspiracy friends webcomic collection is pdf only.

AUTOGRAPHED PAPERBACKS! We're also launching a separate store so you can order autographed paperbacks straight from the source. (And YES, Time Travel Dinosaur is available for order here, but we won't have actual copies in hand for a few more weeks, so they won't ship until some time in October).

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