Enter to win Thrusts of Justice at Goodreads

Enter to win Thrusts of Justice at Goodreads

Apr 12

Goodreads is giving away 3 paperback copies of THRUSTS OF JUSTICE, so if you haven't grabbed yours from Amazon yet (although you might want to jump on that while they've still got it 33% off, since who knows how long that will last), you can enter to win a copy here! (and also TOTALLY enter to win "We Bought a Zoo" while you're over there)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Thrusts of Justice by Matt Youngmark

Thrusts of Justice

by Matt Youngmark

Giveaway ends April 25, 2012.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Thanks, everyone

Thanks, everyone

Apr 12

The amazon bomb yesterday was a smashing success (an exploding success? There must be some kind of "bomb" pun I can throw in there). Thrusts of Justice peaked at the top of Amazon's bestsellers list in the "superheroes" category, and still sits atop the list of "hot new releases" there. I just wanted to thank everyone who picked up a copy, and who helped spread the word through facebook, twitter and the like. I'm basking in the warn glow of your awesomeness.

Thrusts of Justice Amazon Bomb today!

Thrusts of Justice Amazon Bomb today!

Apr 11

The second Chooseomatic Book, Thrusts of Justice, is available from Amazon now. We’re asking everyone who wants a copy to buy the book on the same day.

Why does it matter if everyone buys on the same day?
Three words: Amazon sales rank. Amazon has the most relentless automated marketing machine on the planet, and the higher my sales rank spikes, the more likely Thrusts of Justice will show up in custom recommendations. Which generates more sales, which generates more visibility... it’s the self-perpetuating circle of capitalism, and we’re trying to make it work for the little guy.

How can I help?
Buy the book from Amazon, either in trade paperback or for Kindle, today! And spread the word about the Amazon Bomb through your social networks, blog, etc. Help an independent author become a bestseller!


Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback


Norwescon wrapup

Norwescon wrapup

Apr 10

I've finally recovered enough from the 4-day geekstravaganza that was Norwescon 35 to post about it. Any of you who saw me there can vouch for how much fun I had, since I pretty much walked around the whole time with a big, stupid grin on my face. Norwescon is nominally a science fiction convention, but one of the things I love about it is how wide-open it is in terms of programming and community.

This post is ONE HUNDRED MILES LONG, so to see it you're gonna have to click "read more."

Off to Norwescon!

Off to Norwescon!

Apr 05

So, you remember how I said a couple of days ago that Thusts of Justice would make its world debut at Norwescon this weekend? And then made kind of a big deal about it? Turns out my statements were not intended to be fact-based.

Here it is, Thursday, and as far as I can tell the books have still not shipped. I'm doing my best to have them ship directly to the hotel so I can start selling them on Saturday, but from the level of communication I've received from the printer so far, I'm not holding my breath.

Maybe this means that everyone who hoped to get a copy will show up for my reading? But not with torches? Come find out!

Thrusts of Justice worldwide debut at Norwescon April 5-8

Thrusts of Justice worldwide debut at Norwescon April 5-8

Mar 31

Norwescon 35 is happening this weekend (Thursday - Sunday at the SeaTac Doubletree), and I'm proud to announce that I'll have copies of he new book to sell, six days before the official release date. That makes Norwescon the world debut of Thrusts of Justice! Look for copies at the Three Ravens Books booth in the dealer's room.

This is my third year doing the con, and so far I've had an absolute blast. If you're interested in Sci-Fi at all (loosely defined -- there's an enormous variety of panels on everything from games to comics to hard science to geek culture), you should absolutely come check it out. (Preregistration is closed but you can still get passes at the door --all 4 days for $70 or a day pass for $30-$50, depending on the day).

Also, they're working me like a dog. Here's my schedule for this year:

Thursday, 6pm
Comic Adaptations
The last decade has seen an explosion of comics being made into movies, T.V., and video games. Do these live up to the comics they are inspired by? Have we really reached the saturation point, like Spiderman, where comics directors are also using the old story reboot? What are some of the best and worst of these?
Matt Youngmmark, Duane Wilkins, Shon C. Bury, The Reverend En Fuego

Friday, 5pm
DC Comics: The New 52
There was a little confusion over this one, and the panel description on the guidebook may still say that it's me giving a slideshow about the New 52. I'm sorry to say that there will be no A/V component -- instead we have a tremendous group of panelists (Nathan is a good friend, and Spencer was freaking hilarious on the panels we had together last year) to give you he scoop on DC's recent comprehensive reboot.
Matt Youngmark, Spencer Ellsworth, Kate Merriwether Lynch, Nathan Crowder

Friday, 6pm
Zombies in Folklore, Science, & Popular Culture
If vampires are the aristocrats, are zombies the lower class among the undead? How does the popular brain-eating movie zombie differ from the original Haitian folklore zombie? What other types of zombies are out there? What roles do they fill in a horror story? Can zombies be reconciled with science? Why are they still so popular?
The Reverend En Fuego, Chris Saint, Matt Youngmark, Sir R.L. McSterlingthong

Friday, 8pm
Deconstructing the Superhero
How has comics’ oldest genre matured? No longer mainly read by 12 year-olds, mainstream comics have had to change with their aging fans. And indie comics are being affected by the age old stereotypes they encompass. How do newer comics treat the idea of a superhero? How have superheros saturated other media? Are they becoming diluted due to overuse?
Chris Nilsson, Janine Young, Julie McGalliard, Shon C. Bury, Matt Youngmark

Saturday, 3pm
Autograph Session 2
Giant room full of half the con's panelists, signing autographs. If you pick up a copy of JUSTICE at the Three Ravens Books table and I'm not on hand to sign it, this is a good time to hit me up.

Saturday, 7:30pm
Matt Youngmark reads Thrusts of Justice
We'll be choosing the paths based on audience vote. Should be fun!

Saturday, 10pm
From Magneto to Lex Luthor
What makes a great villain? Whom do you love to hate? What are some obvious weaknesses of famous villains that heroes never seem to take advantage of? Who are the worst villains in comics history?
Ashley “nerdtastic” Cook, Clinton J. Boomer, Morgue Anne, Spencer Ellsworth, Matt Youngmark

Sunday, 10am
Should You Publish an E-Book First?
The publishing landscape is changing rapidly. Now anybody can e-publish a manuscript and even sell it on Amazon. But just because you can, should you?
Leah Cutter, Mike Shepherd Moscoe, Matt Youngmark, Ken McConnell

Sunday, 2pm
Is Electronic Publishing the Future?
With the advent of electronic readers like the Kindle and even iPhones, will all books eventually turn into ebooks? Books are being published on electronic readers along with your music and movies – is it all merging into one multimedia future?
Leslie Howle, Kurt Cagle, Marti McKenna, Matt Youngmark

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