How much do you love me IS IT AT LEAST THREE DOLLARS?

How much do you love me IS IT AT LEAST THREE DOLLARS?

Feb 19

The ZOMBOCALYSE NOW app is up in the Apple store! That's all the platforms it's going to arrive on (it appeared on Google Play and the Amazon App Store last week), So it's time to pop those champagne corks, my friends!

For the uninitiated, Zombocalypse Now is an epic, novel-length choose-your-own-adventure in which you play as a stuffed bunny in the zombie apocalypse. Find 112 possible endings (at least SEVEN in which you don't die).

The lovely folks over at Tin Man Games have done an amazing job here -- the upgraded app version includes music, achievements, and thirteen brand new illustrations by me! The bunny's little ears even SWAY BACK AND FORTH on the title screen, people. zn screenshotThey were amazing to work with, and the finished app blew away all my wildest expectations (it's been something of a lifelong dream of mine to work on a video game, so the little part that I got to play in development was exciting enough already). Even the stuff I expected to get super nitpicky with — like the graphic design elements they pulled from my original book design — were gorgeous from the first implementation. Seriously, it's currently my favorite way to read this book.

Plus, it's only three bucks in the apple, google play or amazon app store.


Zombie Apocalypse Day in Ballard!

Zombie Apocalypse Day in Ballard!

Jan 22

This Sunday, January 27, is Zombie Apocalypse Day right here in my neighborhood of Ballard (in North Seattle for the non Puget-Sounders among you). It's a free, family-friendly disaster preparedness expo at the Ballard Community Center from noon to 6 pm, and I'll be there selling books (and signing them, for any of you who've been holding on to your copy just waiting to get my autograph YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

The idea is to have some fun learning about ACTUAL DISASTER PREPAREDNESS, since most of the things you'd do to prepare for a zombie apocalypse would be useful for pretty much any natural disaster (weapons and ammunition, obviously to varying degrees depending on the level of societal breakdown, but the chainsaws would be super handy in dealing with a backyard full of trees toppled during an earthquake, IN ADDITION TO THE REANIMATED DEAD).

On hand will be:

  • Seattle Office of Emergency Management
  • SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare)
  • The Red Cross
  • Seattle Fire Department
  • Z Ultimate Self Defense Studio (demos and booth)
  • Cascadia Edible Landscaping
  • Xfinity Home Security
  • Parkour Visions
  • Shelf Reliance dried food storage and emergency kits
  • emergency essentials
  • Puget Sound solar
  • Me
  • Some other authors too
  • So much more!

  • I'll also be reading from Zombocalypse Now at 4 pm, and we'll be doing the choices by audience vote, so come help us navigate our stuffed bunny to safe ground. Seriously, I'm super worried that no one will come to my reading, so I'd be overjoyed to see you there!

    And he never slept again.

    And he never slept again.

    Mar 04

    My post today over at ftE is about Popcap, and how I literally just bought every game in their catalog. Peggle! Rocketmania! Plants vs. Zombies! Also, in unrelated zombie news: this.