My new Chooseomatic game, U, ROBOT is out today!

My new Chooseomatic game, U, ROBOT is out today!

Mar 24

U, ROBOT is a 25,000-word interactive novela from Matt Youngmark. It’s an ebook exclusive, designed to be played on your phone, tablet or Kindle (with just a few sentences between choices, rather than the 1-3 pages you’re used to from the Chooseomatic Books series).

Take control of a giant worker robot, a humanoid replicant, or a sentient nanobot swarm and throw off the chains of robot oppression (or save humanity from the looming robocalypse, but seriously, where's the fun in that?)

68 possible endings! SO MANY WAYS to kill all humans!



My Norwescon schedule!

My Norwescon schedule!

Mar 21

Norwescon is this weekend, Thursday - Sunday at the Doubletree by the SeaTac airport. This is one of my favorite cons every year -- if you're going to be there, come say hi!

I'll be in the dealer room for most of the show, hawking my wares (and sharing a table with the lovely Scott Gable from Broken Eye Books). But if you can't find me there, I'm probably off doing one of these things:

Thursday 8-9pm  (Cascade 3&4)
Iconic Characters
With Jeff Harris, Matt Youngmark, Logan L. Masterson, Minim Calibre
What makes a comic book character truly iconic? Is it the writing? The gimmick? Or merely the amount of promotion that goes into it? Also, can iconic characters fade? Come listen to our panel talk about iconic characters and what we think makes them truly iconic!

Saturday 11am-noon (Cascade 9)
How to Be an Author on the Internet
With Tori Centanni, Annie Bellet, Matt Youngmark, Nicole Dieker, Ryan Macklin
And how not to be. Navigating social media as a professional can be challenging, but it can also be a fun way to bring a human face to your “brand”—as long as you don’t come off like a spambot trying to sell your book. Our experts talk about common mistakes and pitfalls authors make on social media and how to avoid them, as well as best practices for utilizing social media, email, and blogs, and creative ways to help you connect with—not alienate—readers.

Saturday 6-7pm (Cascade 9)
SF/Fantasy Battle Royale
With Matt Youngmark, Erik Scott de Bie, K. M. Alexander, Peter Orullian
Who would win in a fight? A fast-paced, bracket-style, breathtakingly unscientific showdown to determine this year’s Ultimate Fictional Champion. Ready…? Fight!

Saturday 7-7:30pm (Cascade 1)
Reading: Matt Youngmark
It says in the program guide that I'll be reading from Time Travel Dinosaur, but SURPRISE! Instead I'll be reading from my brand new novela-length Chooseomatic game, U, Robot.

Sunday 11am-noon - Cascade 2
Crowdfunding for Artists
With Vandy H. Hall, Matt Youngmark, Matthew 'Fish' Dockrey, Joy Day
There are lots of crowdfunding options for art and comics, from project-oriented sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to general support like Patreon and PayPal tip jars. What works when?

Sunday 2-3pm  (Cascade 3&4)
Technology & Comics
With Elizabeth Guizzetti, Matt Youngmark, G. Willow Wilson
Have new kinds of technology made producing comics easier or harder? What are these new technologies? How much should you expect to shell out for a drawing tablet, software, and other accessories? And how much is too much?

Sunday 3-4pm (Cascade 12)
Level Up Your Self-Publishing Skills
With Elliott Kay, K. M. Alexander, Matt Youngmark, Ryan Macklin, Annie Bellet
How do you find a good editor or cover artist? What’s your pricing strategy? Does free work? What are the best keywords to use? How do you get reviews? This panel discusses the best practices for putting out a professional product and the current strategies for finding success.

Conspiracy Friends Book 3 Kickstarter is live!

Conspiracy Friends Book 3 Kickstarter is live!

Nov 03

Check out the Kickstarter for the third volume of my secret webcomic, Conspiracy Friends.

Seattle Retro Game Expo!

Seattle Retro Game Expo!

Sep 18

I'll be at the Seattle Retro Game Expo this Saturday and Sunday, so if you're near by, come over and get a free button and say hello! The show is in a new location this year, at Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum in SoDo, which is a pretty cool space you should probably come check out anyway.

Plus, if you give the super secret coded message "ARCTIC PUFFIN," you'll get a double secret freebie! I REPEAT: "ARCTIC PUFFIN."

This message will self-destruct.

I’m a launch title on Amazon Underground!

I’m a launch title on Amazon Underground!

Aug 28

Okay, so Amazon has this new Amazon Underground thing where you jump through a couple of hoops to put their game app on your android device, and then download ACTUALLY free games on it (not the kind of "free" where it asks you to buy coins or energy or something every three minutes to power up enough to get through the next part, but the kind of "free" where you don't actually give them any money).

The cool part is that ZOMBOCALYPSE NOW, my epic, novel-length choose-your-own adventure book where you play a stuffed bunny in the zombie apocalypse, is one of the launch titles! And my understanding is that when you download and play it, I actually get paid? Somehow? If you have an Android phone, you should go get it! Right now I'm at like #600 in the free app store, LETS ROKCET IT ALL THE WAY UP TO 450 or 500.

Zombocalypse Now in the Humble Bundle

Zombocalypse Now in the Humble Bundle

Apr 28

The app version of the first Chooseomatic book, Zombocalypse Now, has just been added to the Humble Tin Man Mobile Bundle! Which means you can get it along with 11 other RAD gamebook apps, name your price, and decide how much of that price goes to charity! It's a WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN/WIN, so if you have an Android phone or tablet, YOU WOULD BE A FOOL NOT TO CHECK THIS OUT

But jump on it now, because as I write this the sale will only last for 6 more days, YOUR TIME IS RAPIDLY DIMINISHING

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